Mill Green Outlet Village

Mill Green Outlet Village is a brand-new McArthur Glen Designer Outlet based in Cannock, Staffordshire. The project consisted of eight large blocks covering an area of approx. 27,000m2, with all blocks constructed from steel portal frames split over multiple levels.

The team at DTE Ilkeston designed, manufactured and supplied roof trusses for the project over an eight-month period with more than forty deliveries of trusses being made to the site.

The trusses were used to form the perimeter slopes on the blocks with allowances made for maintenance walkways and access to concrete flat roofs. There were also many decorative dormer roofs on the project, some of which were curved ‘eyebrow’ shaped, which were all included in DTE’s design and supply. The trusses required for the larger high-level duo roofs provided the focal points for the project.

David Murphy, Assistant General Manager at DTE Ilkeston said: “It was essential that the design of the roofs was fully coordinated with the design teams and all other parties involved in the project to ensure complete accuracy on site. Communication also played a key part as each block was split into phases and deliveries needed to be pre-booked into site at specific time slots to suit B&Ks complex and demanding build programme. Overall the project ran smoothly throughout and really highlighted Donaldson’s skill and experience when dealing with projects of this nature”

"DTE has proven to be a reliable supplier throughout this project. The team delivered a quality product at various stages of the build process; producing high volumes of trusses when required. It’s been a pleasure working with DTE."

Tony Mitchell, Project Manager at Bowmer and Kirkland.

Mill Green Outlet Village is due to be open in 2020.