Merry Hill Shopping Centre

Merry Hill Shopping Centre

Merry Hill is a large shopping centre located in Brierley Hill, Dudley. Donaldson Timber Engineering (DTE) recently supplied I-joists for a shop re-fit project inside the centre.

The project was part of renovations to a popular retail outlet inside the shopping centre. DTE’s Ilkeston branch supplied 252 Metsawood I-Joists for the roof of the shop which covered a 605m linear metre area.

"The quality of the product had to be the very best we could offer as the joists were going to form the ceiling of the shop and be highly visible at all times. Each joist needed to be inspected prior to being sent to the site to ensure they met with the requirements. The logistics of the delivery had to be organised and timed perfectly in advance as the project was carried out in the middle of a busy shopping centre."

Thomas Edwards, Posi-Joist Design Team

This was an interesting project for DTE because the joists had to be notched to give the appearance of a continuous gridded ceiling. The system was used to provide the shop with a more profound feeling of space and light, different from a conventional ceiling system. DTE began this project in September 2018 and it was completed by December 2018.

"We really appreciate the finish we achieved using these top-quality joists supplied by DTE, thanks to them for their intervention with the project."

Geoff Turner, Purchasing Manager at Sloane Curtis