Between September 2014 and February 2015, DTE Buckhaven worked with CCG OSM on a social housing project, supplying I-Joists for 423 floor cassettes for six blocks of flats and five blocks of terraced houses.

Located in Sighthill, Glasgow, the development consisted of flats up to four storeys in height, along with houses of varying layouts.

With design differences between the blocks, the team was presented with a number of design challenges, as it required step round, L-shaped cassettes of various widths and sizes. The project was made even more complex, as there was not enough room in the timber kits for window lintels. Instead, the lintels needed to be placed in the floor zone, meaning that the I-joists were positioned at different angles – which again made it harder to design and manufacture.

Rodger Cook, general manager of DTE Buckhaven said: “A lot of work went into developing solutions to the design complexities included in this project, and we’re pleased with how it is progressed. We’ve been working with CCG OSM for many years and were delighted that they came to us for support in delivering this large scale development.”

"Collective working with our partnered supply chain has always been a critical and valued part of our operational business model, especially now where there is heightened activity within the building industry and good quality, reliable resource becomes restricted. With an extremely challenging build programme on this project, working with DTE proved to be invaluable in the successful delivery of our overall product offering to our customer."

Steven Earlie, managing director of CCG OSM