Scripture Union Camping Pod

Scripture Union (SU) Scotland is a Christian charity that works in partnership with local churches and young people around Scotland to help them to explore the bible. The charity offers a wide range of residential breaks for children and required camping pods to be built. Donaldson Timber Engineering (DTE) designed and supplied 11no. barrel style trusses at 600mm centres for a camping pod at Lendrick Muir, SU’s site near Crook of Devon.

Due to the shape of the camping pods, our team had to design the trusses to be as round as possible at the top, and as we do not supply curved timbers, the top chord of the truss was split into as many parts as possible that would still allow the multiple top chord sections to be plated together in the factory.

Eddie Stewart, Truss Design Office Manager at DTE Buckhaven, said: “The trusses for this project were very unique and definitely one of the strangest looking trusses we have supplied, but we are delighted with the outcome.”

This was an interesting project for DTE as barrel style trusses are very rare in Scotland. These trusses were being used to form the full frame of the pod so they had to be able to support habitable loadings too similar to an attic style truss as people would be living in these pods for short periods of time. During the construction of the camping pods, a temporary brace was fitted to ensure the shape of the truss stayed perfect until the cladding was added. The brace was then removed to open up the full space of the pod.

SU Scotland is planning to build more of these pods once more funding has been secured so DTE built an extra truss to store in their factory as a template to be able to easily and quickly manufacture more for the customer when required.

"We worked closely with DTE to find a solution that worked for the build of our camping pod. Overall, I’m really pleased with the service and prompt delivery received from DTE and also with the quality of the finished project."

Tim Forsythe, Assistant Manager, Facilities SU Scotland