Attic Trusses

Attic Trusses are the ideal way of creating additional floor space at low cost. By using Attic Trusses you will create a warm roof.

A warm roof is a type of roof construction which has an insulation layer around the room in the roof.

Further Information

Maximising the amount of room in new and existing houses has become a growing priority in the UK. 

Timber roof trusses are the most common method of constructing a pitched roof. Attic trusses are by far the most economical solution to adding rooms to a home, as they increase the habitable area by as much as 40% at little extra cost to the overall roof!

The flexibility of these components is what sets them apart from other methods of construction in this area, and our modern design software allows the trussed rafter to be designed for virtually any roof shape.

It is also possible to combine attic trusses with open web joists (Posi joists) to allow for easily accommodating - or modifying plumbing and electrical services.