Environmental Policy

At Donaldson Timber & Engineering, we are continually striving to improve our processes and products to give you the best solutions, in the safest and most sustainable way.

Our processes allow us to focus on getting a job done quickly and right first time, whilst ensuring we adhere to environmental best practice.

All DTE products are made using legal and sustainably sourced timber, one of the most environmentally-sound standard building materials. DTE holds a full chain of custody and was the first UK manufacturer of roof trusses and engineered floors to be PEFC registered.

Sustainable Building

By using timber, we’re building a more sustainable future for everyone. Our business is built on timber, a building material that naturally has the lowest CO2 – the simple act of growing timber offsets emissions. Timber requires less manufacturing, reduces waste, and cuts pollution. With timber at the heart of everything we do, we’re helping build positive futures for everyone, by helping create better homes which are better for the planet.  

At DTE, we are committed to assessing the environmental impact of our materials and manufacturing methods. We look to use certified timber in all of our products and reduce the environmental impact of construction wherever possible.

We aim to show that our goods are produced in an environmentally responsible manner, and always consider the raw materials; production processes and countries of operation in producing our goods.

We recognise that timber is a truly renewable resource when properly managed, so fully endorse the requirements of our PEFC chain of custody scheme, to ensure that where possible our timber is legally and sustainably sourced.

Read more about our sustainability work, and further ESG policy here.

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TTF Responsible Purchasers Policy

As members of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF), we have complied with their Responsible Purchasing Policy since 2008. Through the Responsible Purchasing Policy and PEFC systems, we have a due diligence system in place to cover all timber purchases within our business.

Sustainably Sourced Timber

Certified timber is one of the most environmentally sound standard building materials available, and can significantly reduce the environmental impact of construction - particularly when compared to other building products.

Wood also has the best thermal insulation properties of any mainstream construction material, a major bonus when aiming for warmth and efficiency.

Download our environmental certificate