Floor Cassettes


  • Speed of erection on site – which keeps site costs down.
  • Safety on site – craned into place, pre decked.
  • Cost management – waste sheets are kept in house and can be re-used, rather than having to be skipped on site.

Further Information

Speed: There are significant time savings to be made using offsite modular construction. With project start to completion times cut by up to 50%, disruption to clients and the local community is minimised – a particular benefit in the case of a school or hospital. Because a high proportion of the build and fit-out is completed in the factory, on-site time required for final finishing is reduced.

Sustainability: Offsite construction is ahead of the game when it comes to sustainability. Work in the factory can be scheduled to start at the same time as the site is being prepared, so the two processes can take place in parallel, resulting in an accelerated build programme. The knock on effect is a reduction in waste, as well as the reduced impact of construction activities on-site, such as noise, ground disturbance and vehicle movements.

Safety and working conditions: Transferring work off-site into a controlled environment improves safety. It’s much safer for us to produce something in a controlled factory environment rather than building outside, at height, while exposed to changeable weather.

Whole life cost: Enhanced specification standards and build quality can reduce occupancy costs related to energy use, defects and repairs.