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Donaldson Timber Engineering Ltd (DTE) has secured a licensing agreement with Charcon Construction Solutions, to promote and sell its innovative Moduroof system. The deal will see DTE provide roof trusses for these projects using Moduroof.

Developed by Charcon, Moduroof is a complete modular roofing solution, fully manufactured offsite ready for rapid on-site erection. The roof can be externally finished in the factory with fascia, soffits, bargeboards and even gable brick-slips; and for 'room in the roof' solutions, the system can be internally finished in the factory - from chipboard decking to plasterboard lining.

The Moduroof approach offers a number of key benefits, including increased speed of installation, no on-site waste and dramatically reduced risks of working at height. Plus, as the weight of the modules is less affected by wind speed than lighter panelised systems, erection is not as weather dependent.

As the UK's leading supplier of timber roof trusses, metal web joists and I-Joists, the deal adds to DTE's already considerable portfolio and continues the company's long tradition of developing engineered wood products for the construction industry.

Jonathan Fellingham, managing director of Donaldson Timber Engineering said: "Moduroof is an exciting opportunity for us as a company and for the industry as a whole. We are thrilled to be a part of this innovation and to be providing such an integral part of the overall product.

"Given the recent upturn in demand for new build housing and the related supply squeeze, Moduroof can provide a simple, safe and extremely fast installation and is suitable for new build, retro-fit, cold or warm roof. It is without doubt an economical and future proof approach that is perfect for both house builders and contractors.

"We have already had the opportunity to supply trusses for a Moduroof project in Derwenthorpe for Barratt and the feedback we've received has been fantastic. Our designers are working along with the ModuRoof team to enhance the product and I'm happy to say that the results so far have been positive all round.

"Supplying Moduroof with Donaldson roof trusses is something we are extremely proud of and we look forward to our products being part of even more homes up and down the country."

Manufactured at Charcon's factory in Barnsley, Moduroof pods are available in three options - Light, Advance and Complete. They are designed to meet a client's requirements, be it a simple shell roof; a conversion ready unit; or a fully finished, habitable loft, complete with finishes, flooring, tiled bathrooms, showers and bath tubs.




We're very pleased to announce that our supplier MiTek has achieved CPD accreditation for its metal web joist course.

The online CPD course was launched in September, with a focus on the benefits of metal web joists. It guides registrants though the application of the joists in floors and roofs, and highlights the advantages of using metal web joists over alternative joist systems.

It also covers technical areas such as spanning capabilities, standard details, fire and acoustic certification, as well as taking registrants through the manufacturing process, and giving them an insight into the unique advantages of the Posi-Joist system.

Posi-Joists are widely used across the UK and Ireland, so it is important for the architectural and engineering communities to be well informed on the advantages of the system - and for them to appreciate all the applications where metal web joists can be used.

This CPD course will undoubtedly increase awareness of the benefits of using metal web joists, and I believe we'll see an increase in specification of Posi-Joists on the back of this.




After the successful commissioning of the higher volume Posi-Joist Revolution Press in Ilkeston last year, we have very quickly grown our Posi-Joist sales to a level where we need additional capacity.

We have now acquired and commissioned two more standard presses, one for our Oxfordshire site and the other for Fife. This will allow us to continue to grow sales within existing business units and deliver Posi-Joists more efficiently into the South West of England and Scotland.

This planned growth is also likely to be complemented by MiTek's latest Posi-Joist development, Posi-Joist FireSafe. Posi-Joist FireSafe is an engineered joist solution that satisfies the robustness requirements of Category C timber frame construction, and achieves two points in this application. With this product, the flanges are treated with an approved FR build flame retardant, and each web in the joist has two Young Black (33x38 JH34/GR) nails fixed through either the outer row or second row of slots.




Earlier this year, we trialled a partnership with Billingham-based component manufacturer and supplier, Qubiq, to supply and fit roof trusses for main contractors and housebuilders in the North East of England.

The first project was with Kier North Tyneside for the Foxhunters Playing Fields Pavilion in Whitley Bay. This proved to be very successful for both DTE and Qubiq. The project was delivered on time, despite major site restrictions, and it also generated considerable add-on sales for both parties. Consequently we have successfully completed numerous other contracts in the North East.

Following this, we are thrilled to announce that we are not only improving our offer to include the supply and fit of engineered joists, but also expanding our geographical coverage across the M62 corridor and up to the Scottish Borders, where we have access to reliable squads of erectors.

For further enquiries on this, please contact Keith Peart on 01670 730 163.